Our Story

Hi! I'm Laura. 

I started my natural hair journey in 2016 after learning about the toxic chemicals used in relaxers and many of the products I used at that time. 

In an attempt to simplify my hair care routine, I began locing my hair in 2019 and became more aware of how toxic most products marketed to women of color are. After searching for products that would fit the needs of my coily hair, I was unsuccessful in finding products that worked/ wouldn't require an excessive amount of effort to use. I never envisioned myself starting a hair care line, however, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to blend my desire for a minimalist lifestyle and love for organic hair care products. 

This line will provide you with plant powered ingredients which are designed to support you in your healthy hair journey.   I am passionate about positive messaging around natural hair care, clean & effective hair care. 

On my YouTube channel, I share my transparent loc journey and what I'm learning. My overall desire is that women of color will be empowered to care for their own hair and will become unapologetically confident.